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Did you know?

.. that Wikifur has a Did You Know Section? :)

How informative!

I got pride!



New, furr-curious cub here. A friendly bear named grrrowly directed me to this group. I'm located in Southern California, and would like to meet other people interested in Furr. Geography's not a big deal - it'd be great to meet local Furrs, but this bearcub also enjoys meeting interesting people regardless of location. Would especially like to hear from any newbies in my area, like myself.

No, I can't draw worth crap, but I'm working on it. I don't have a fursuit, but I think that it would be a great thing to have in the future, after some careful thought was put into it. For now, I guess that I am just a Furr-Friend. 

Take it easy,

*waves a paw, and gives a friendly wink*

Hello, all!

 Hello, another canine posting in, name's Sammy. You can sort of see what I look like from the joke icon. (But it look me 1000+ hours in MSPaint! srsly!!! no, not srsly.) Pretty much everything that's important about me is in my bio, but here's the crash course for those who don't feel like digging. I'm not new to the fandom, but am starting over, after realizing that nobody ever really "quits the fandom." Well, some do, but most, like me, keep coming back. I "quit" because of boredom, not getting involved enough in the fandom to make friends, etc. Here to give it a second chance, because why not?

Hi, im new!

Hi, call me Cue. Im a new artist fur, I discoverd the fandom this summer . 

My art is quite... eh... but its still good none a less, not good to recieve commisions. but good.

My fursona is a burgal snow tiger/husky (more a tiger) view it here http://pics.livejournal.com/cuekittypup/pic/000074xw 
(drawing made by me)


What is it like?

I was curious what it is like being inside a full suit. I will be getting mine soon (only a half), but can you describe how it feels in your own way. Thanks. 

Furry Conventions

Furry Conventions. Something mostly every fur wants to go to at least once.

With one question that seems to be on every first timer furry convention goer's mind: What happens at these conventions?

Well this weekend is FA:United (http://www.faunited.org), and on Saturday morning I will be hosting a panel called Furst Time to a Furcon.
I'll be speaking, not as a convention chair, but as an experienced con goer. I'll mention some of the furry "staples" that you can see at a convention, and some of the word of mouth furry convention quips and etiquette that all furs learn to know.
My personal experience:Read about Shy's personal experience in the fandomCollapse )

Basically... I would like to know from the members of this community, something that you would have a question about if it was your first time to a furry convention. After looking over my talking points for my panel, I realized some of it may have been from a biased or jaded perspective. I scrapped them all and am writing new talking points that I think will be focused on a real first time experience. Any opinions that anyone has here would be greatly appreciated :)

Furry Generator

I love this thing!


sure helped me figure out what kind of options there are for the animals i like when combined.

mammals- felids
reptiles- amphibians
birds- cranes herons storkes etc.
+ anthros jin taur

some of the results i gotCollapse )


One of the best ways to meet new furs that may be nearby you is the IFPL or "Internet Furry Proximity Locator" :)

When you go to the site, up at the top, click on "Create a new account" and follow the steps :) easy to do and great to find out how many furs are in your state.. and if you are near any of them.. and just how far :)
It also gives you the email address or a way to contact others when you click on "Furries" and then click on the name of one of the furs in the list :)

Happy Hunting :]


Fur Metal Meet?

Some concerts are coming up.

Perfect opportunity to meet new furs. Have some solid drinks. And have a good time!

April 18th @ Savage Event Center @@ Elgin, IL.
As Blood Runs Black w/ Stick to Your Guns, Winds of Plague, Veil of Maya, Belay My Last.

May 3rd @ Rock Box @@ Rockford, IL.
Dead to Fall w/ Impeding Doom, Arsonists Get All the Girls, Sea of Treachery.

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